Gain a revenue edge in the world of complex medical reimbursement.

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Billianz Revenue Cycle Management Services enable Optometrists, Internal Medicine Doctors, Family Physicians and DME Providers to gain a revenue edge with  best-in-class level of customer service. By integrating people, process and technology, we help our clients improve their revenues, workflow efficiencies, meet organizational metrics and control their cost to collect. Pricing models are linked to our performance. They are simple, competitive, and completely transparent.

Freeing you to focus on patient care

Outsourcing the billing process to a medical billing service company helps you to take better care of patients. It also generally increases the amount of accepted claims and payments.

The best medical billing services can help in maximizing all sources of revenue, reduce cost and expedite payment with effective technology —unlocking unprecedented, actionable insights for improved revenue cycle performance. No matter the size or scope of your organization, we can help you save time and effort so you can get back to helping those who need it most.

Outsourcing is a common practice when it come to medical billing. We as a medical billing firm has very good knowledge and experience to take care of all the medical billing activities and free your staff to concentrate on other aspects of running the practice.


Valued Partnership

With focus in revenue cycle management, our dedicated teams collaborate with your practice to optimize billing processes and healthcare technology to achieve your goals.

Financial focus

With data analysis, denial management, and outstanding A/R follow-up, our practices improve revenue collection and helps correct existing processes  as a result. 

Greater control

Our revenue services team integrates with your practice, as an extension of your team through ongoing communication and shared technology access. Your finances are always transparent. 

It all starts with a candid conversation!

Whether you are just starting off with your revenue cycle management or just want to change your current set-up, it all starts with a candid conversation. Billianz wants to meet you, listen and find out what can make your revenue collection more efficient. That way we can suggest and tailor the right approach for you. Benefit from our experience, intellectual capital and talent. Let's interact!


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