Join Billianz

Passionate about your work? Fancy working on a team helping healthcare to improve? Join Us. We believe in empowered individuals working together, combining individual ownership with the ability to collaborate with others.

At Billianz, we believe everyone can make a huge difference. With a young environment, perfect for nurturing a person as a whole and an evolving work culture, Billianz uncovers superior potential in each employee.

Driven by an insatiable need to succeed, we empower our employees by providing them the very best and assure them a progress based on meritocracy. We endeavor to enable our people to build on their strengths and thrive in a fair, transparent and friendly atmosphere. The work ethics at Billianz is aimed to inspire and energize its team members to be quality driven, to provide best services and most importantly to personify integrity.

Skills that we seek periodically:

  • Client Service Managers
  • Billing Account Representatives
  • Healthcare Billing Consultants
  • Certified Medical Coders
  • Operations Executives
  • EHR Software Consultants
  • RCM Operations Executives

It all starts with a candid conversation!

If you are passionate about working for the betterment of healthcare, and you feel that you are cut out for persistence against all odds, Billianz could probably give you the wings! It all starts with a candid conversation. Billianz wants to meet you, listen and find out what can make your career zoom. Let's interact!